K to the A to the N D Y (imnottroubled) wrote,
K to the A to the N D Y

a186135000 produc d 6/84 s4524

once again i havent updated in how long?? too long.. things have been.. the same, as they have.. cant really complain.. school years coming to an end soon

carlos died on 5.22, really upsetting.. but im not going into detail i dont need to depress myself.

Carlos Morales

i wonder how the summers gonna be.. things are different, i dont have a best friend anymore.. i get lonely a lot.. i love tommy to pieces.. ill enjoy the time i spend with him, but a girl needs to get out a little.. naa mean? yea.. i donno how to explain myself ever without having people take things the wrong way n getting offended or something so i should just stop typing. i love you bye
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