K to the A to the N D Y (imnottroubled) wrote,
K to the A to the N D Y

things have been going good lately.. me and my love are doing really good.. our official 6 months is on the 4th, i got him a memory card and a game for playstation 2..the simpsons game hit and run.. its pretty cool i like it..and he got me earrings and i love them <3 i wear them everyday. last night after work we slept at his house for the first time in a while. its great waking up next to him. aw.. i love him alot.. he got a raise at work..im happy for him.. even though he hates the job..i have work at 5 at chicken holiday.. bock bock.. would you like french fries or mashed potatoes with that? last week i went to atlantic city with my mom and sister, i had a good time ..we only stayed for one night..that was enough though. i have to get ready for work.. ill update again soon.. later kids
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